When in Cambridge I had the best sandwich ever – it was a caprese sandwich with bresaola – which is a cured beef similar to prosciutto. I went to this local shop called Cardullo’s in Harvard Square – which was such a great store! Highly recommend if you are in the Cambridge area. It is a family owned specialty food store – which I love.

I found such great gifts for my family (which I haven’t sent out yet!) and they have a mini deli counter where they have sandwiches and fresh sliced meats and cheeses. The bread was amazing – the cheese was delicious – and the meat was tender and salty! My mouth is watering remembering it. It was by far the best thing I ate while in Boston. Which is surprising b/c it wasn’t seafood – but it is what it is!

I sat in the square and people watched while eating it – a guy next to me asked me where I had gotten it because it looked so good! Ha! Making friends through food! Look out soon for me to post a recipe very similar to this – I just have to figure out where I can buy good quality bresaola here and then it’s on!

Here’s a picture of a lobster roll that I had when we drove to Cape Cod – about 2 hours away from Cambridge. It was good – but – not as good as I had always imagined it! I had made lobster rolls last year for N’s birthday – and it was so much fun. This was good – but the bread was stale which hindered the experience. The lobster itself was delicious.

Just wanted to share! Am making a spicy chimichurri tonight with boneless skinless chicken thighs – I will have that to post in the next few days!