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This is a preemptive post – but I just made a batch of Jeni’s Buckeye Ice Cream – and it’s amazing. It’s in the freezer right now – but after tasting it a few times, I am fairly confident it’s delicious. Recipe and finished pics to come tomorrow!

Buckeye Ice Cream_SAC

p.s. if you don’t know what Jeni’s ice cream is – you have to try to find some and/or make your own version. The best ice cream out there……for real.

Buckeye Ice Cream_SAC2

And – because I couldn’t help myself – here are some of my wishes for the New Year. Nothing new or earth shattering – but overall, be happy. Reflecting on 2013 – there have been a lot of changes. More than I’m comfortable with – but hoping that all of those changes make my 2014 even better. SAC New Years Wishes